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 Marc Bolan


Having left John's Children, Marc immediately began his plans to put together his own group, wanting to recapture the essence of Desdemona, and advertised for musicians in June 11th's edition of Melody Maker. One of the first to be auditioned and to join him was drummer Stephen Porter, then, from among other applicants, a bassist was chosen 

Soon after he was offered a support slot for his new band and needed a name - Marc called his group TYRANNOSAURUS REX -   

Tyrannosaurus Rex means 'King of the Lizards' and was, in fact, the largest reptile ever known. We adopted the name because it's nice to  think that something like that once lived

It excited me to think that beasts that size walked on the earth, and everyone is so unaware of things like that now... I can't get together a 40 ft. creature that had the earth to itself, but they have the bones to prove it. If people understood that, it would make everything less hard - like their tax problems and so on, all the bummers you go through - because 90 million years ago there were those creatures around, and in 90 million years from now... who knows

 Advert for Marc Bolan's first Tyrannosaurus Rex concert  

Ben Cartland was chosen in the final auditions for a 'freaky lead guitarist' which took place  on the afternoon of the concert

The performance on July 22nd was at the Electric Garden in Covent Garden and advertised as 'Marc Bollam & Tyrannosaurus Rex' (advertisers administrative error). With such a lack of rehearsal the concert was a shambles and the group disbanded immediately

 Steve Peregrin Took - Tyrannosaurus Rex

From that first collection of musicians Marc held on to drummer Stephen Ross Porter from Blackheath, London, born July 28th 1949. Porter decided to take a stage-name - STEVE PEREGRIN TOOK, Peregrin Took being a hobbit in Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' -

“At the age of about four – ‘cos I can’t remember three – my granny bought me a tin drum, one of those cream tin drums with red and blue on the sides, at which I banged away with gusto. It was then I decided. Then I took up playing he guitar, then after a couple of months the guy took it back, so I borrowed a Boys Brigade drum…”

“I probably did my first gig then, school dances, wedding receptions, parties. Doing numbers like ‘Peggy Sue’ and ‘Pifilia’, Shadows numbers, Buddy Holly numbers, with Cliff Richard thrown in, and that went on for a while, and then a group called The Waterproof Sparrows. I then got a job at a post office so I could get a drum kit, I saved up and bought a wonderful drum kit and I was living in S.E.9. I moved to Maida Vale, met Marc…”

“I met Marc Bolan through International Times, which I always read, which was something about flower pots, cosmic dancers and something like that – something to do with drugs, and we met and had this band together, and I had a double drum kit then, and he’d got this guitarist together, and a bass player and we rehearsed for a while, and we did one gig at the Electric Garden… and the lead guitarist went mad. He started knocking my drum kit around, thought he was Pete Townshend, you know! After that we decided that we couldn’t work with those other two cats. I sold my drum kit and got some bongos, and that was that!”


The duo rehearsed and busked Marc's songs in Hyde Park, London - their live debut was on  September 23rd at Middle Earth (previously the Electric Garden) as opening act to Denny Laine's Electric String Band

The evening was compared by Disc Jockey and journalist John Peel, he mentioned 'the strange and tomorrow songs of Tyrannosaurus Rex' in his next Perfumed Garden column of the underground magazine, International Times

Marc celebrated his 20th birthday with Steve at Middle Earth on the 30th with an impromtu set before the official support band, Herbal Mixture, on prior to headliners Fairport Convention. Parts of the evening's show, including three of Tyrannosaurus Rex's songs were recorded by a Dutch TV station for a programme on the British music scene, the first of the duo's songs, Sara Crazy Child, being introduced by John Peel

On October 6th Track Records released one final John's Children single, using a Bolan composition Mustang Ford, but re-titled and with new lyrics, although still featuring Marc on backing vocals - GO GO GIRL / JAGGED TIME LAPSE [Track 604010], the B-side being an old Hewlett / Townsen number. John's Childen were to disband shortly after this release 

With John Peel as DJ for the evening, Marc and Steve played at the Middle Earth on October 7th as second support to The Action

Although Marc had left John's Children and Napier-Bell, he was still signed to Track Records, the lable booked Tyrannosaurus Rex into Techniques Studio in Old Church Street, London on November 6th with producer Joe Boyd. The duo recorded Highways, Child Star, Chateau In Virginia Waters and Dwarfish Trumpet Blues, returning on December 8th to do further work and production on some of the tracks. The duo were augmented by Danny Thompson from folk band Pentangle who supplied acoustic bass to Chateau In Virginia Waters, but despite the material being praised by John Peel in his 'International Times' column, Track considered the material "uncommercial" (according to Peel) and further work on the tracks was abandoned

Between the two sessions with Boyd, on the 24th,  Tyrannosaurus Rex played the Middle Earth as second support to The Pretty Things, with Peel as DJ

Peel had championed many underground artists and groups on his Radio London programme, 'The Perfumed Garden', and had played Bolan's Hippy Gumbo. When the station closed he wrote for 'International Times', continuing to do so when he began with BBC Radio One in August, being one of the hosts of the 'Top Gear' show -


John Peel: "One day in 1967, Marc came around to my flat and sat himself down on the floor and just sung some of his songs. I must say that they registered immediately... I knew deep down inside that he was something special... from that time on, whenever I had a gig anywhere, I would ask Marc and Steve to go along and play. Often the people who were running the gig were not terribly pleased about it, because they didn't like people sitting on the stage banging children's instruments and singing in a bizarre manner. Eventually people started to like it and we did a lot of gigs together... I was billed over them but the billing started to change. They were Tyrannosaurus Rex introduced by John Peel, which, of course, is the way it should have been"

...the Middle Earth opened and they asked John to do something there for nothing, and we went along and just played. They never had any mikes down there or anything and it became sort of fashionable I suppose, and after a while we were packing it solid 2,000 people and we'd got about 10 quid


Tyrannosaurus Rex began 1968 continuing their run of performances at the Middle Earth as second support to The Nice on January 12th

 Concert advert for Nice and Tyrannosaurus Rex at Middle Earth

Returning to the Middle Earth on February 23rd, held on this occassion at The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, Marc and Steve were third on the bill after headliner Country Joe and the Fish and Fairport Convention. Making his debut performance that night was singer-songwriter, Nick Drake

Tony Visconti

At one of the two Middle Earth shows of January and February, American producer Tony Visconti from Brooklyn, New York, saw Tyrannosaurus Rex for the first time

Tony Visconti: "When I was young my mother had taken me to a local T.V. show and I used to sing on there, but it wasn't until I was twelve or thirteen that I started playing in rock bands. In those days each bloke had his own band. I tried to leave school at 15½  - I was playing in the clubs under age at the time anyway, but they made me stay on an extra six months. I just couldn't take any more of school. I was going to classes with bags under my eyes after playing the night before.

Anyway, I left school when I was 17 after studuying classical guitar, for a while I became the resident bass player with a band at the Town and Country Club in New York. I was into jazz then. It was the early sixties and for me Rock and Roll music had died. During this time I backed many of the big name singers like Tony Bennett and Robert Goulet"


When he was 22, his publisher, impresed by some home demos suggested he had a talent for record production -

Visconti: "I said I'd have a go. I did it for about a month and then I met Denny Cordell who had come over from England. He was looking for an American producer to bring back to England with him to introduce an American sound in Britain" 

Visconti spent his first six months in England as assistant to Cordell 

Visconti: "On his instructions I was going around London clubs picking up as much information as possible, and one night I went down to the UFO club*, Marc Bolan and Steve Took were playing"

"I was always interested in the freak things, the unique music rather than the obvious. That attracted me to Tyrannosaurus Rex. I'd never heard anything like them, I was hypnotised looking at athem, and so were two hundred other people"

"I had been looking for a new Beatles or Dylan... Quite honestly I didn't understand what Marc was doing. I just told him that whatever it was all about, I wanted to know."

"He and Steve came up and played for Denny Cordell in the office, they auditioned for him right then and there. They were very weird but Denny knew about the flower thing, so he said; 'They'll be underground things happening so we'll call them our token underground group.' With that, he gave me a budget of about - oh, I don't know - about £400"

"Before we got together and started recording, Marc was very inquisitive about me and wanted to know what sort of person I was. I told him about my background, we played guitar together and found that we liked more or less the same kind of music... Phil Spector, The Beach Boys and The Beatles"

*[It was likely to have been a Middle Earth concert as the UFO Club was closed at the time Visconti says he first saw Tyrannosaurus Rex]

David Platz and Denny Cordell's Essex Music, who Marc had signed to when he joined John's Children, had negotiated a deal to lease their recordings to EMI, with the publishing company being given the use of their Regal Zonophone label

At the start of March, just prior to their starting a four-day session for their first album at Advision Studios in New Bond Street, Marc and Steve visited Tony at his flat in Lexham Gardens, near Earls Court, to run through their material, with Visconti recording the session to familiarise himself with the songs


On March 9th the duo supported the Jeff Beck Group (with Rod Stewart on vocals), at the Middle Earth

Marc and Steve recorded a session for John Peel's 'Night Ride' programme on the 13th

On the 21st Donovan and Tyrannosaurus Rex performed at the Royal Albert Hall in support of the Imperial College Charity carnival

The duo were back in studio with Peel again on the 24th for a 'Top Gear' session

On April 5th Tyrannosaurus Rex played at The Purcell Rooms, Royal Festival Hall with John Peel as 'Narrator' for the evening, and, again with Peel, on the 14th headlined at Frank Freeman's Dancing School in Kiddiminster, Worcester

Tyrannosaurus Rex 'Debora' 7"

Tyrannosaurus Rex's first release was a single, issued on April 19th - DEBORA / CHILD STAR [Regal Zonophone RZ 3008]

The BBC don't like the single, John (Peel) is the only guy who plays it, but it's selling very well. It's a simple production because we like to sound as we do 'live'. We did 'Debora' in two takes after completing our first album

The single was well received by the music press - '...this is a very interesting record. Apparently this is John Peel's favourite record at the moment but don't be feared - that doesn't mean it's incredibly obtuse. What it is, is a very interesting record. By that I mean it's a new weird sound from Marc Bolan's highly distinctive vocal. Few words, lots of sounds, and it's pretty in a strange way too. Unexpectedly nice'.  Another was of the same opinion - 'This is ever so clever, ever so different - and I hope ever so that it makes the charts. When something really off-beat and unusual comes along, one raises a cheer. This complex, catchy, ad-lib-type single gets three cheers from me'. 

Indeed it immediately proved their appeal by reaching No. 34, remaining in the top fifty for seven weeks

Dug a re dug n dug a re dug...
Oh Debora, always look like a zebra
Your sunken face is like a galleon
Clawed with mysteries of the Spanish Main
Oh Debora

Oh Debora, always dress like a conjuror
It's fine to see your young face hiding
'Neath the stallion that I'm riding, Debora

Oh Debora, you look like a stallion
Oh Debora, you look like a stallion
Your sunken face is like a galleon
Clawed with mysteries of the Spanish Main
Oh Debora

- Debora


Mountain eyes, peeping out of his head
Sipping tea, composing in his head
A hundred hands working on a musical of old
Debussy and Mendelssohn
Handel and Dvorak of old
Child Star, protoge of Mister Gormez
Who said you'd go far
Child Star, they do not see
just what a precious gem you'd be
Sad to see them watching you fade into invisability

Twelve years old, your elvish fingers
kiss your Beethoven hair
The awesome people stare
They're unaware of all the angel sounds
they see and hear
Debussy and Mendelssohn
Handel and Dvorak of old
Child Star, protoge of Mister Gormez
Who said you'd go far
Child Star and when you died at just thirteen
they wept and wrung their hair
Sad to see them mourning you when you are there
Within the flowers and the trees

- Child Star

I just liked the idea of a young classical star writing incredible melodies at five. But they killed him, and when he was dead they didn't see what his music was about...

If I get a particular feeling, then it just has to come out. I can sit down and get a song written straight away - it takes as long to do as it takes to physically write it down. As soon as I start to think about it, then I might as well forget it. It has to come out subconciously. Once I've got it down, I usually play it to myself about twenty times on the trot, getting the music worked out, then tape it on my little recorder. Maybe we use it - maybe not

I like to get the song as nearly right as I can before I play it to Steve, I like to present him with the finished thing so he can add exactly what he wants with his drums. Were so both in tune with eachother that most things just seem to fit naturally and spontanously


On the 22nd, with their first album recorded, Marc and Steve returned to the studio to begin work on new material. On the 30th they played at The Magic Village in Manchester, supported by Van der Graaf Generator

Marc and Steve made a return to Middle Earth on May 13th, entered the studios on the 16th to continue recording, and met up with Captain Beefheart again at Southampton University on the 18th, as opening act before Chicken Shack and Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers, returning to Middle Earth the following night (19th) to play at the 'Gandalf's Garden Benefit', supported by David Bowie 

The duo then
made a short tour of Scotland, starting on the 22nd in Inverness, then Motherwell, Dundee and Glasgow, finishing on the 26th in Edinburgh

On the 27th they played at the 'Dance of Words' event at Portsmouth Guild Hall on the bill a wide range of artists including Pete Brown's Poetry Band, Alexis Corner and Fairport Convention. Compared by John Peel


It's a gas. I can hardly believe what's happening. We play universities and on June 3rd we are playing a concert at the Royal Festival Hall with Roy Harper and Stefan Grossman. David Bowie will be doing some miming. I don't know how big we can get. I just enjoy playing. I play every day and it makes me feel happy. The fact that we're getting paid £150 a gig is a gas. We're not stars or anything, but it's better than starving on five shillings a week

I can't really get turned onto a pop ego thing. God is a good thing and if I started to believe I was s plinter of God's head, I'd be zapped and mown down by lightning. And what good would that be? I'd never get in the charts then!

Around this time Marc met June Child who was working as a secretary at Blackhill Enterprises, management company for Pink Floyd, amongst others -

June: "..they had a gig at Ealing College and Andrew (King, of Blackhill) suggested that we go along and see what they were like live, Marc and Steve Took. It was a lunch time session and we arrived about half way through and watched 'till the end. They had a little Vox AC amplifier, no PA, no nothing, just a microphone and a bent coat-hanger"

The first time I realised June meant something special to me was when she drove Steve Took and me home after a gig we did with Roy Harper at Ealing University, in West London. After she'd dropped us I watched the little green van drive off and found myself wihing she had stayed

We had known each other only a short while when i asked her home to tea late one afternoon at my parents prefab in Wimbledon. The sun was bright and hot. We sat with our tea on the lawn of the Palagin sun cottage

After we had held hands there was a silence for a while. Then I said 'June, I think I love you.' She replied quietly, 'I feel the same way about you, Marc.'


Tyrannosaurus Rex signed to Blackhill Enterprises who began promoting them and arranging bigger concerts


On June 3rd they played at the Royal Festival Hall supported by Roy Harper, Stefan Grossman and David Bowie, returned to the studio for further recording on the 10th, recorded a 'Top Gear' session on the 11th, played Birmingham University on the 15th and Sheffield's City Memorial Hall on the 17th

At 3pm on the 29th, the 'Midsummer High Weekend' free concert started at The Cockpit at Hyde Park, with The Pink Floyd, Tryannosurus Rex, Roy Harper and Jethro Tull. The evening set featured The Bonzo Dog Doodah Band, The Nice and Juniors Eyes

On July 4th the duo returned to the studios to record further material for their second album

 Marc Bolan & Steve Took at Woburn Music Festival, July 6th 1968
Woburn Music Festival advert - Hendrix, Geno Washington, Tyrannosaurus Rex

On July 6th The Jimi Hendrix Experience were the headline act for the evening performance at the Melody Maker’s Woburn Music Festival at Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire. Tyrannosaurus Rex were second support to Hendrix after Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band 

 Tyrannosaurus Rex 'My people were fair and had sky in their hair...' LP

On July 7th Tyrannonosaurus Rex released their first album, MY PEOPLE WERE FAIR AND HAD SKY IN THEIR HAIR BUT NOW THEY'RE CONTENT TO WEAR STARS ON THEIR BROWS [Regal Zonophone LRZ 1033 / SLRZ 1033 stereo]. Recorded at Advision Studios in London, featuring Marc on vocals and acoustic guitar and Steve on backing vocals, percussion and pixiephone

The album featured a childrens story, written by Marc and read by John Peel, who also provided some sleeve notes -

'Tyrannosaurus Rex rose out of the sad and scattered leaves of an older summer. During the hard, grey winter they were tended and strengthened by those who love them. They blossomed with the coming of spring, children rejoiced and the earth sung with them. It will be a long ecstatic summer'

Along with the unusual instrumentation, one of the focal points was Marc's strange vocal style -

I didn't realise it was unique. I've always sung like that really. I suppose we are trying to imitate the instruments. It's just a development of my mind. I never used to like singing but now it's a great fulfillment, like flying. I think it mirrors what I feel inside. My guardian angel does all the writing. I'm sure it's not me. I write words that don't exist but to me, I understand them... I get streams of inspiration and my hand writes away, and the words don't always make sence. They fit like an abstract painting

Graceful fat Sheba, she works with a meatcleaver

Sweating behind the meat counter
Her skin, it leaks liquid, the odor is sickly
Her features aren't unlike a swan
Her poetic, gluttonic waist is impressive
She smiles as she hacks up a pig
Graceful fat Sheba, she works with a meatcleaver
Sweating behind the meat couner

- Graceful Fat Sheba

Sheba was a couple of people stuck together... that was my first anti-meat song really

Smile your smile Mister Scenescof

It's not hard to have run off
On a physical ride
With my babe by your side
Smile your smile for a while

It was grand to have known her
It was grand to have grown her
I don't need anyone
To dictate all my fun
Smile your smile and then run

- Scenescof

Scenescof I used as a baddy... all the bad things I crammed into him. Whenever I got uptight with people bringing me down, they were all Scenescof 


The album received differeing reviews, Allen Evans of the New Musical Express observed 'they have a quivering and tremulous style of singing which is different. Marc Bolan's beautiful lyrics almost compensate for the rather unmelodic arrangements...' The Evening Standard's Ray Connolly was not as understanding, saying 'Madenningly monotonous; pop at its most pretentious', while contrary was the observation from Melody Maker, 'It could be so pretencious, yet rarely is. Will please all their fans.'

Indeed it did, with the album eventually reaching No.5


 Tyrannosaurus Rex 'One Inch Rock' 7"  

On August 3rd came ONE INCH ROCK / SALAMANDA PALAGANDA [Regal Zonophone RZ 3011]

It took a while for the single to gain press attention, not being reviewed until the end of the month, but it was positive when it came, with Disc and Music Echoe's Penny Valentine confessing that 'It has taken me much longer than all those hip people who have been digging them for ages to appreciate this group. I now admit I find their sound rather endearing, certainly very individual, and totally fascinating. I have also met Marc Bolan in my lift, and he's much smaller and delicate looking close to than I had suspected. I'm glad they put a title on this because I couldn't understand a thing he was singing about. But there's power in those vocal cords, by jove! And they do get a very good sound'.

It fared better than the previous single, appearing in the charts on September 4th and reaching No. 28


Three underground groups have made the charts - Arthur Brown, the Nice and, fortunately, ourselves. But it's very difficult - there's a sort of invisible barrier set up against us. If a lot of people buy our record and it becomes a hit, then the pop establishment have to accept us. In fact they'll want to accept us. But you have to jump over that barrier yourself, with the help of your fans. For example, Brian Morrison, our Manager, phoned up one of the television pop programmes to see if they were interested in using us, or the Pink Floyd whom he also manages. And the guy said 'No - and don't bother to send their records to me either - we're not interested.' And that was before they'd even heard what we had to offer

Now, for the first time in my life I've started making money - and we're beginning to be accepted. And it's not a compromise because I'm doing just what I want to do. I'm not an entertainer or anything - I go up on stage and sing my songs because it makes me happy. That's what I enjoy doing. If other people enjoy it as well, so much the better

I think basically I'm a writer. Although I write a lot of songs I write even more poetry - I think eventually, by the time I'm about thirty, I'll be a full-time writer. It'll become my main interest. I don't think money is all that important -obviously I'm pleased to be making it now, but it wouldn't be if I had to do it in a way I didn't like

 Steve Took & Marc Bolan

Marc Bolan & Steve Took cartoon by Lon Goddard, August 1968

What happens at the moment is that I write a song, and work it out completely, and then get together with Steve. It becomes a completely different thing, because Steve adds his bit. When we record it it's not just a product of Marc Bolan - it's a product of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Although I write our songs, we're both equally important as members of the group - otherwise we wouldn't be working together as Tyrannosaurus Rex

On the 8th the duo returned to the studio for further recording

The 8th National Blues and Jazz Festival took place at Kempton Park Racecourse, Sudbury-on-Thames, and ran from the 9th to the 11th. Tyrannosaurus Rex played on the 10th, fifth on the bill to The Nice, Jeff Beck, Ten Years After and Arthur Brown

On the 22nd they played in Manchester (possibly with David Bowie as support)

The Isle of White Festival, held at Ford Farm, near Godshill, started at 6pm on the 31st and continued through to 10am on September 1st. Headlined by Jefferson Airplane and The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Tyrannosaurus Rex were on the bill with The Pretty Things and The Move

On the 14th the duo performed on '4-3-2-1 Hot and Sweet', a German TV programme 
A news article in the music press titled 'Floyd-Rex U.S. Dates ' states that '...the Floyd return to America in late September to play dates on the college curcuit with Tyrannosaurus Rex.'  The tour never happens

Towards the end of the month Tyrannosaurus Rex are filmed by a Dutch TV crew for the first of a new series on the British Music Scene. John Peel, in his International Times 'Perfumed Garden' column writes 'The first edition was filmed at the Middle Earth amid wisps of smoke and drifting dreams and featured three of the strange and tomorow songs of Tyrannosaurus Rex.'

As the year draws to a close, EMI congratulates the labels Artists chosen in the peoples Pop Poll, including The Beatles, Cliff Richard and Tyrannosaurus Rex

 Melody Maker 21.9.68 advert from EMI for Pop Poll Artists - Beatles, Cliff Richard and Tyrannosaurus Rex

 Melody Maker 21.9.68 - Brightest Hope Poll - Tyrannosaurus Rex and others

On the same day  Tyrannosaurus Rex came fourth in Melody Maker's 'Brightest Hope' poll  and Marc appeared (?) on John Peel's 'The Voice of Pop', discussing various topics alongside Mick Jagger, Tim Rose and Barry Mason

 Mick Jagger, Tim Rose, Marc Bolan, Barry Mason - John Peel show, MM 20.1.68

On October 2nd the duo begin a UK Tour, startings at The Red Lion, Leytonstone, Essex, moving on to Nottingham's Albert Hall (9th) and King Georges Hall in Blackburn (11th)

 Tyrannosaurus Rex 'Prophets, Seers & Sages...' LP

On October 14th came their second album, PROPHETS SEERS AND SAGES - THE ANGELS IF THE AGES [Regal Zonophone LRZ 1005 / SLRZ 1005]

The title was my idea because it was a nice flow of words, and seemed to fit with the material on the LP. It is mainly very soft and quiet

It's a 14-track LP and I have composed them all in the past two months. It was not a rushed job. It was a deliberate attempt to put out an LP which would show what we are doing at the moment. We never take long to record, and we are both very pleased with the finished product

On the sleeve Marc included a form of preface -

 in the head of a man is woman
in the head of woman is man
but what wonders roam
in the head of a child

The album opened with a re-recorded version of Debora and closed with an almost four minute spoken piece called Scenescof Dynasty, backed by a single hand-clap as rhythmn track, over which Steve and friends supplied vocal sound-effects. Despite the intense 'story-lyric' track, when Marc was later asked about when he first felt he was starting to achieve something with his writing, he replied -  

I got personal satisfaction out of it, I think it was when I wrote a song called Juniper Suction - that was one of the first songs. I felt I was beginning to get somewhere

There's a crawling sensation
An astral vibration
That's sucking me into your sight
I can tell by your hair
In the juniper chair
And the piratey twist of your mouth
I've constructed your frame
In a plasticine game
And the eyes are the sweets of my youth
But I'm naked and bare in the ice of your stare
And I'm useless at telling the truth
So I hide with my head in the tent of the bed
And my body is sucked through your eyes
Then I quiver and shiver and start to deliver the goods
Then I vanish in size

- Juniper Suction

I believe elves existed. Not as elves, but as wise people, strong people, like the Atlanteans. People will mock of course, but they're only capable of violent emotion, which is easy. But it's harder to feel tender and affectionate to others. I believe in the magic of life. The earth is a house for us to live in, but people put up fences and pay bits of silver and say: 'This bit is mine - get off'. But the elf people have died out, or walked off into a rainbow. Only people who wear metal underwear and have black blood are left

On the night that the new album was released the duo played at Birmingham's Town Hall (14th), then continued on to Sheffield's City Hall (15th), The Guildhall in Southampton (20th), Dunstable's Civic Hall (29th) and ended the tour at Hull's City Hall on the 30th

On November 9th they returned to Brirmingham for a concert at Mother's 

On the 20th Tyrannosaurus Rex were scheduled to leave for a small tour of the U.S. -

I've heard the audiences are great, but I've heard some bad things as well. Although the teenagers are nice, the older people can be pretty unpleasant. Still I'm going with an open mind and it may be completely different when I get over there. Whatever happens to us we can't lose. Even if everyone was very unkind to us we would have gained on thing, experience. Things will work out O.K.

Again the tour doesn't happens

On December 3rd Tyrannosaurus Rex make their second appearance on the German TV show, '4-3-2-1 Hot and Sweet'

 Steve Took of Tyrannosaurus Rex - Melody Maker's Readers Sleeve Design, 21.12.68

Steve takes front-of-cover position on this imaginary Tyrannosaurus Rex album sleeve as part of a Readers Record Sleeves design column in Melody Maker

The duo appear on John Peel's 'Top Gear' on the 22nd along with Fairport Convention and Traffic

On the 28th they perform at the 'Flight To Lowlands Paradise II' festival, a two-day event (28th and 29th) at Margriethal - Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, Holland. Headlining are Pink Floyd, other performers include Jeff Beck, Jethro Tull, Pretty Things, The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and Eire Apparent

 EMI Melody Maker 21.12.68 Advert including Beatles, Jeff Beck and Tyrannosaurus Rex