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Marc Bolan left a phenomenal amount of recorded work spanning his 13-year career, confirming his energy, drive and ambition as a writer and musician. Over the last two decades unheard solo and T.Rex studio recordings have been made available, much of this material has increased our knowledge of Bolan's working methods, and in many cases, revealed aspects of his work not appreciated during his lifetime. Indeed, as with other Superstars of the time, the music of Marc Bolan was originally considered as, but also dismissed as, transient contemporary popular music ~ today it has relevance and cultural value.

Thunderwing Productions Limited is a shared company comprising Directors and partners whom each own a number of original ¼”, 1” and 2” Master Tape recordings of Marc Bolan & T.Rex, these tapes are available to TPL as a comany to be exploited. This material, which includes solo and band demos, jams, rehearsals and working and master versions, was recorded in studios around the world between 1967 and 1977

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Thunderwing Productions Limited was established to secure, preserve and promote the works of Marc Bolan in a positive and progressive way

Early in 1999 Marc Bolan & T.Rex Master tapes were advertised for sale by auction at Bonham’s in London. Marc Arscott and John and Caron Willans went to see the material at the preview and were shocked to discover that many of the tapes were in a bad condition; there was damp mould on some boxes and tape reels, some tapes were without ‘leader’, some tapes were without tape boxes. It was depressing to think of the possible fate of this part of Bolan’s legacy – would it lie in the hands of a private collector who would hide them away, an investor who would trade them on the World market, or a record company intent on some quick exploitation before auctioning them again…. The main fear was that they would be dispersed around the country, or around the world, never fully documented – this small collection of Marc’s work, broken up

Thankfully they didn’t sell at auction, and while they were in reprieve, what was then a small group of friends rallied together in the hope they could rescue the tapes and maintain them as a collection. Within a matter of weeks Marc Arscott and Karen Hirst, Gavin and Sally Ingels, Paul and Judi Thomas and John and Caron Willans had secured the tapes

Apple Studios T.Rex Master Tape for Squint Eye and Mr Motion dated 11.5.73

Having collected the tapes submitted to the auction, the group were also able to obtain many others – these included ¼” and 2” Masters of material recorded around the world by Marc & T.Rex, tracks from the classic EMI albums and some unknown songs, along with rehearsals, working versions, rough mixes, jams and some solo home demos. With the groups priority, to ensure the safety of the tapes, they contacted London Museum’s National Sound Archives for guidance. Recommendations for archiving, including cleaning and storage and having various kinds of safety copies made, were given

It was in the studio during this process at the start of June 1999, that hidden instrumentation and vocal tracks were discovered on much of the material, along with false starts, introductions and with a number of songs continuing well past their known endings

Having documented and made safety copies of all the tapes, it was agreed by the group that the material was of such high quality, that it was important that an official release be produced, and at this point Thunderwing Productions Limited was formed, with the purpose of preserving the tapes and to promote the work of Marc Bolan in a positive and progressive manner. The new company approached Techiku Records of Japan to compile an album for release early in the new decade. In November, members of TPL went into Fortress Studios in London and started work on what would become bump’n’grind, released in April 2000

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 bump'n'grind 2000  shadowhead TPL sampler 2001  shadowhead 2001  the slider recordings 2002
 the tanx recordings 2003  the final cuts (Demon) with TPL tracks 2006  twentieth century rock'n'roll (unreleased) 2005  twentieth century rock'n'roll (alt artwork) 2006

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I originally planned to use this image from the original 20th Century Boy 7" press advert for the An Exalted Companions... LP but found something more appropriate for that package, so I was really pleased when I had the opportunity to use it for the cover of bump'n'grind and as a company logo

bump'n'grind - Imperial Records / Teichiku Entertainment Inc., Japan, licensed from TPL (TECI-24004), 2000

The Groover / Jitterbug Love / Dishing Fish Wop / Telegram Sam / Laser Love / 20th Century Boy / Silver Lady / Metal Guru / Fast Blues [Easy Action] / Light Of Love / The Soul Of My Suit / Thunderwing / Christmas Bop / The Groover (Demo) / Children Of The Revolution

From bump'n'grind:
Marc Bolan & T.Rex 'The Groover' by marcjarscott

Marc Bolan & T.Rex 'Fishing Dish Wop' by marcjarscott

THUNDERWING PRODUCTIONS LTD promotional sampler - march 2001 (TPL CDS 1)

Truck On (Tyke) from shadowhead / Baby Boomerang from shadowhead / Christmas Bop from bump'n'grind / Born To Boogie - working version from 2" master tape, 1972 / Dreamy Lady - recorded for Top Of The Pops from 1/4", 1975 / Squint Eye Mangle - 1/4" rough mix, 1973

From TPL Sampler:
Marc Bolan & T.Rex - Born To Boogie by marcjarscott

shadowhead - Imperial Records / Teichiku Entertainment Inc., Japan, licensed from TPL (TECI-24055), 2001

Midnight / Rapids / Hang-Ups / Do You Wanna Dance / Baby Boomerang / Truck On (Tyke) / Blues Jam (Dreamy Lady session) / London Boys / Lady / Buick Mackane / Stand By Me / Precious Star / Fast Blues (Easy Action) / Dreamy Lady / All My Love / Baby Boomerang (1974) / Big Black Cat / Groove A Little

CD available as download from: http://thunderwing.bandcamp.com/

From shadowhead:
Marc Bolan & T.Rex - Hang Ups by marcjarscott

Marc Bolan & T.Rex - Stand By Me by marcjarscott

The Slider Recordings - TPL CD.02, 2002

Metal Guru / Mystic Lady / Rock On / The Slider / Baby Boomerang / Spaceball Ricochet / Buick Mackane / Telegram Sam / Rabbit Fighter / Baby Strange / Ballrooms Of Mars / Chariot Choogle / Main Man +
Cadilac / Thunderwing / Lady / Sunken Rags

From The Slider Recordings: Marc Bolan & T.Rex - Telegram Sam by marcjarscott

Marc Bolan & T.Rex - Ballrooms Of Mars by marcjarscott

The Tanx Recordings - TPL CD.03, 2003

Tenement Lady / Darling / Rapids / Mister Mister / Broken Hearted Blues /Shock Rock / Country Honey / Electric Slim & The Factory Hen / Mad Donna / Born To Boogie / Life Is Strange / The Street & Babe Shadow / Highway Knees / Left Hand Luke + Children Of The Revolution / Jitterbug Love / Solid Gold Easy Action / 20th Century Boy / Free Angel

From The Tanx Recordings:
Marc Bolan & T.Rex - Tenement Lady by marcjarscott

Marc Bolan & T.Rex - Left Hand Luke by marcjarscott

The Final Cuts - Edsel Records (DIA8 8080), 2006 includes tracks licensed from TPL

Hot George / Love & The Foxey Boy / Shy Boy / 20th Century Baby

From The Final Cuts:
Marc Bolan & T.Rex - Hot George by marcjarscott

Marc Bolan & Gloria Jones - 20th Century Baby by marcjarscott

Twentieth Century Rock'n'Roll - unreleased, 2005

Track details see sleeve image below. The two extracts below are direct from my session reference tapes and are therefore pre any sound mastering or production, so you will have to use your imagination for now as to how they may have sounded on CD

Marc Bolan & T.Rex - Saturday Night (extract) by marcjarscott

Marc Bolan & T.Rex - Down Home Lady (version extract) by marcjarscott

Here's a mock-up of a promotional video of one of the Bonus Tracks, Boogie Jam for Teichiku in Japan:


 Draft back cover for the one that didn't make it... 'Twentieth Century Rock'n'Roll' ...

Here's my artwork for the gatefold inner of 'Twentieth Century Rock'n'Roll' using Alphie O'Leary's great photo of Marc - Alphie was Marc's valet, chauffer, friend and a poet