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MARC BOLAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC (for the children)

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Welcome Europe to The Marc Bolan School of Music & Film

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This land is our land

 Marc Bolan School of Music and Film - the land!

Gloria Jones and respected land agent on the site of 
The Marc Bolan School of Music (for the children)

Land ownership registration as:  Property of Gloria Jones, Jed Dmochowski and Bai Koroma, given to Marc Bolan Music School (For The Children), situated off Makeni Lunsar Highway, Magbenteh-Makeni in the Makarie Gbanti Chiedom-Bombali District


‘Hi, Gloria Jones here. Thank you all so much for your interest and support for our project, to build The Marc Bolan School of Music in Makeni, Sierra Leone. The project is growing, in exciting ways, and we have just made a very big step towards building the school!  I have been negotiating with people here who support us, and believe me, the news is good! Keep giving, keep supporting our children, our teachers. Help us to make more music! We will have our very own place, a building to be proud of. This school will be at the heart of the community, to inspire and to serve. Keep Marc’s music in your hearts, and see his wonderful legacy grow in a beautiful way.

Please keep giving and help Rolan and myself to build The Marc Bolan School of Music.’

New Year 2014 Notice and Announcement

The Marc Bolan School of Music (for the children)

Well, it’s been another very positive year for us. After going through all proper legal processes and certification the land upon which The Marc Bolan School of Music will be built is ours! This very week work has already started to dig a well which will supply water for the making of materials with which to construct a temporary school so that teaching can start straight away.

Local children have helped enormously by bringing in stones from the bush, two truckloads of sand have been delivered and a temporary teaching hut is being made by local carpenters and artisans. The whole community is helping, the entire process being watched over and directed by Gloria Jones herself. She describes the land as ‘beautiful and peaceful’. A geologist is this week making an appraisal of conditions , the results of which will inform our architects (‘Bolans’ of Forest Hill, SE London) of how to best approach their task of designing the permanent building planned for the year 2014. ‘Bolans’ Architects have pledged to design the school building for no cost, and for that we are extremely grateful. It’s a very exciting time! An access road to the site was completed two weeks ago, and we are situated close to the local hospital and other amenities, which means we are right at the heart of the local community. The building itself will have two or three storeys, with two classrooms, rehearsal rooms and an entrance hall as well as storage facilities as well as the usual amenities. Bolans Architects have worked in Sierra Leone before and they are also experienced in charity projects throughout West Africa, so we a really very lucky to have such wonderful people help us!

Our head teacher, Mr Bangura, has created a formal teaching timetable and an official registration file/document which will be updated every week. He has also created a teaching programme which will result in the official certification of students’ level of achievement (both theory and practice) by the nationally recognised authoritative academic bodies. Students will include youngsters from the local community in Makeni, all of whom need our support through musical education and the inspiration which this brings. We want to get them playing, singing, writing and even theorising right away!

This project has official approval and support from the local community and on a national level. It has The President of Sierra Leone’s approval. Our friend Mr Bai Koroma is the Community Representative for Youth Culture and Fine Arts. He has been active in helping us buy the land, seeing through all the legal processes and begin construction. He himself has used the word ‘poverty’ to describe the conditions which prevail in much of Sierra Leone, and this is why The Marc Bolan School of Music is so important and so welcome.

The total projected cost of building the Marc Bolan School of Music (For the Children) is £40,000. Of that, £23,000 is needed for materials and building costs, the supply of energy cables and the fitting out of classrooms etc. Another £2,500 (approx) of the total will be used for air transport costs for two representatives of Bolans architects to travel out to Sierra Leone and visit and co-ordinate building. We will need further musical equipment which an estimated £5,000 will cover. This will include violins and other stringed instruments as well as amplifiers, a good PA system etc. As well as the above we need to have £5,000 in order to officially register The Light Of Love Foundation UK as an official charity (rather than a Charitable Organisation which it is now) set up exclusively to raise funds for The Marc Bolan School of Music in Sierra Leone. (Once this is up and running our ability to raise funds further afield will be even more effective.) Other costs will be made up of stationery, power and maintenance as well as teaching costs. Every single penny we raise will go directly to the building of the school and the delivery of lessons by qualified teachers. The monthly cost of running the school, paying teachers, supplies etc. is estimated approximately at $250 US. There are no middlemen, and everybody involved with this project has given their time and energy for no cost at all. We all believe that this is a good thing to do, and we are all, and have always been, inspired by Marc Bolan’s wonderful depth of talent, energy and music, and to see this dream of a school as part of his great legacy coming true is truly moving.

Help us! Like Zak Starkey (drums!), like Charles Politakes (Les Paul guitar), Like Fee Mercury Moon and all at TAG (Marc Bolan Rose), like all at the 20th Century Boy Musical, like Terry Churchill (free shipping of equipment), like Marc Arscott (website Europe and UK), like Tony Mann (auction items from NY City, now in London UK for planned spring auction!) and now more and more people. Help us see this come together, give whatever you can! Please use the PayPal information on this site. All donations will be acknowledged and receipts given/sent by email.

There is more good news to follow shortly!

Wishing you a very Happy and Inspiring New Year,

Gloria Jones, Rolan Bolan, Jed Dmochowski

Light Of Love Foundation UK

Harry Feld, Executive President

Jed Dmochowski, Director


Below is from a recent article about Rolan Bolan and his new album, and
thoughts on the school.  Please click on the link below to read the entire article.



 Quality Assets Ltd. - Thanks! IJS Global - Thanks!
 Mick Oxlade of Westminst Airport Security Services and Madam Helen of Northern Polytechnic and The Marc Bolan School of Music & Film 

 Westminster International Ltd. - Thanks!


 Westminster Aviation Security Services - Thanks!

We would like to offer our Special Thanks to Terry Churchill, former Spurs player and now owner of an International transportation company (Quality Assets Ltd - Freight Air Transport), Niel Muroe (IJS Global - Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services) and Angela Pyart, Phil Stead and Mike Oxlade of Westminster International Ltd - Specialist Security) who have been transporting and shipping instruments from the UK and USA to Sierra Leone for free - this is truely a great gift!

 Mike Oxlade, security and transportation colleagues and Madam Helen with instruments for The Marc Bolan School of Music & Film

Above: The delivery to Madam Helen of two full drum-kits from Zak Starkey (Oasis, The Who, Ringo Starr & His All-Star Band and many others) , some congas, a trombone  and four electric stratocasters (see below for details)



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Students at The Marc Bolan School of Music & Film with some of their instruments

The Gibson Les Paul in the lower right hand corner was donated by Charles Politakes (see story below) and the Hagstrom bass in the middle of the front row was donated by Victor Luna. Charles drove Gloria Jones to JFK Airport in NYC, packed the guitars and put them on a Royal Air Maroc flight to Casablanca. It's so great to see that these beautiful instruments safely reached their destination and that the children are playing them!
(by Natalie McDonald)


"Sierra Leone is my home as well as America is my home. The School of Music and Film is in honour of Marc Bolan and it is to work with children to have a purpose for being. If you're able to create, you never know what you may come up with. If you can learn how to write a proper song or play an instrument it can always give you a livelihood, not per se only for the African children; it's for all of the children."

The Gloria Jones

 Zak Starkey and Miller Anderson video 

AUGUST 2012:

We are profoundly grateful to ZAK STARKEY who has donated THREE full Drum Kits!! Two kits have been despatched to the school
(see below), the third will be sold and monies raised used for the school 

'The school is great
and a very inspiring story of the buskers.

Great that it is named the Marc Bolan School of Music & Film' - Zak
 Zak Starkey Drumkit for Bolan School Zak Starkey Bass Drum for Bolan School Zak Starkey Snare Drums for Bolan School

 Bolan's 'Groovelounge' Barry and Ben Hooper  

On August 22nd Tyrannosaurus Jed, accompanied by Ben Hooper appeared on 'The Groovelounge' to talk about the schools progress and to perform a few Bolan gems

July 2012:
... the school has also had a set of two fabulous 'Performance Percussion' congas donated by Gary Eccles and Rachel Preston (big thanks) - they're very musical, very professional and very T.Rex! 


  Congas for Marc Bolan School of Music & Film
 Trombone for Marc Bolan School of Music & Film 

a fantastic trombone donated by Nick Newland!


Tyrannosaurus Jed 
June 2012: We are delighted to be able to announce that 4 electric stratocaster beginner guitars, with straps and a supply of strings are now at the School. The guitars were purchased from the proceeds of various fundraising events including The Wigan Bop


April 2012:
We have been overwhelmed by the kindness of T.A.G. (T.Rex Action Group) who have offered to split 50/50 the funds raised from the sale of the forthcoming Marc Bolan Rose. Funds were raised to finanace the rose through donation and the purchase of beautifully crafted Bolan wall plaques - please click on the banner below to visit TAG's site 


January 2012:
We are delighted to report the success of two students of The Marc Bolan School Of Music and Film.   Twins Hans and David Ceesay are now performing, writing and earning money through music in Sierra Leone! This very happy news is a reflection of all the hard work and faith shown in this project and is just the beginning of the many successes we hope to achieve. We will be publishing an interview with the students soon

January 2012: We have had an amazingly generous donation to the school from Artist and Producer Charles Politakes - his Les Paul!    

                                 Charles Politakes donates Les Paul to Bolan's School

From Charles Politakes:

I'd been watching the School's progress for some time, not quite sure of how to play a part, when I came up with "Project Les Paul".  I'm not a wealthy celeb... just an adamant Marc Bolan fan, who is giving a gift which I hope will have enduring value to those in need.

We're all one with the students in Sierra Leone; their hardships are ours... so are their triumphs. One doesn't have to be rich to help (I know I'm small, but I enjoy giving anyway) and maybe inspire some famous fans to dig deep and donate to this important cause.

To me, Marc's line "Our Lives Are Merely Trees Of Possiblities" suggested the idea of planting one...  in this case, it's a wine-red, six-string, electric tree.

Best, Charles

A big Thank You to Hanks Guitars of Denmark Street, London W1 for raising funds for the school - nearly 20 pounds, which is a lot for a little collection box!. Hanks guitars specialise in very fine acoustic instruments   [April 2012]

 Marc Bolan School on Brand Sierra Leone TV 

 November 2011: The Marc Bolan School Of Music & Film has been chosen for inclusion on a new initiative Brand Sierra Leone TV - http://brandsierraleone.tv/?cat=8 - this bespoke video on demand channel includes a series of studio news updates and mini documentaries that cover a broad range of interests such as business, arts and culture, fashion, diaspora affairs, music and sustainable tourism in Sierra Leone

A brief summary regarding The Marc Bolan School of Music & Film appears in the first edition of the channel Brand Sierra Leone Video News at 3:50

The station is still in pilot mode and is constantly updating the video site
The dodgy quality extract below is for those who need the quick-fix, otherwise use the office link above


January 2011. Students at the Marc Bolan School of Music And Film perform 'Above All', written by Michael W. Smith, filmed by Dominic Von Trapp

A video of the students performing 'Ring Of Fire' can be found on the
school reports page

The Marc Bolan School of Music and Film is in Makeni, Sierra Leone, West Africa

 Makeni, Sierra Leone - Marc Bolan School of Music & Film

BP Fallon & Gloria Jones meet after 33 years!

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